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19 May 20
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Bargain Holiday Deals: Rent Villas For Your Family
With all the stresses associated with working the 9-5, whether this be a nagging boss, annoying coworkers, the drive back and forth or even family problems when you finally get home, it is a good chance that you are more stressed out than you think you may be. Many of us find that the only way to get away from it all is to dream about being away on the perfect vacation.
31 May 20
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Bases to Cover Before Traveling Abroad
Well, you've decided it's time to take that trip you've always dreamed about; the big trip out of the country to see the international sights. It's a little daunting and scary to plan, but if you take into consideration all aspects of your future trip including the expected and some of the unexpected, you'll be better prepared to handle any problems.
12 Jun 20
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Camera Review: Olympus Stylus TG-2 iHS Digital Camera
By all accounts, except one, the Olympus Stylus TG-2 iHS a great little camera that can take the normal (and abnormal) bumps and bruises in stride that a camera will get when used in normal situations, let alone extreme ones. Images/videos are stored on either 22MB built-in memory or Secure Digital (SD) cards up to 128 GB capacity.
20 Jul 20
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Careers in the Non Profit Sector
There are quite a few people with jobs that are not as rewarding that they would like them to be. Most of us keep weighing other options and avenues to expose our creativity. At the same time, we keep looking for opportunities to reach out and touch the lives of the needy. If this is your desire, then it may be worth considering a career in the non-profit sector.
10 Aug 20
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Cheap New Laptops Under $500 That Also Offer Value
For most online consumers, cost is a deciding factor when comparison shopping for cheap new laptops. By just focusing on the price when you purchase, however, puts you at risk of missing out on another affordable model that offers more value, better performance, and greater durability for your buck. Here are three of the hottest cheap new laptops on the market you can get that also offer value.
17 Aug 20
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Commercial space travel: A peek into its near future
When The Dragon, SpaceX's unmanned spacecraft, successfully docked at the International Space Station in May this year with a cargo of supplies for the station, the whole world was impressed.
11 Sep 20
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Discover The Cultural Treasures Of Ibiza
Ibiza may be best known as the home of dance music, drawing thousands of ravers from across Europe to its world-leading nightclubs every summer, but the Balearic Island has a lot more to offer visitors who are interested in an insightful or relaxing holiday experience.
14 Sep 20
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Do You Drive Your Car, Car Hire, Or Hail A Cab- Which Is Best?
When on a trip, for business or for pleasure, you will likely agree that the best way to get around once you have reached your destination is to hire a car. This is better than hailing a cab or catching a bus every time you want to go somewhere, because these methods of transportation can mean waiting and unnecessary effort.
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